Stream Tracks and Playlists from ANNIE THE BAND on … Not to mention Travis Barkers amazing drumming thrown into the mix. Rock all the way? Making nice lyrics, actually knowing how to play the guitar (very well too), and most importantly showing what music is all about. Their music appeals to everyone: they've got some heavier songs, some softer songs but mostly bad ass rock songs.To everyone that doesn't agree: Foo Off! Avenged proved with Waking the Fallen that they could play metal music, then with City of Evil they proved they could mix it up and become more mainstream. Z njimi sodelujemo že od leta 2010 in vse pohvale gredo g. Roku Šušteršiču. Eventi, invenzioni e scoperte. Breath, Until the End, I will not Bow, Give me a Sign, Dance with the Devil, Evil Angel, Dear Agony, etc. Beat that! One of the only bands on here that doesn't have a bunch of shrieking emo fangirls going "they're so unique and legendary and I can totally relate to their lyrics in my soul they're the soundtrack to my life, I've suffered so much, I'm a privileged white girl, wah I got rejected" and all of that bull. I would have Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Seether, Volbeat, avenge Sevenfold, Green day, simple plan, Slipknot, Blink 182 and Three Days Grace in my top 10. Boulevard of broken dreams 2. The foo fighters at #2? Linkin Park is far from #1, sure their music was great early in their career but they have fallen far from decent rock music. Between their beautiful music and heroic humanitarian efforts I believe in everything they stand for. CD and DVD reissued together in one deluxe package at a great new price point. What else do you want? Then we come to the Foo Fighters, the most awesome band in the world. Blink needs to be on this list! Yay! Blue-eyed soul: Encyclopedia of Modern Music, Kendrick Lamar - Chart history | Billboard, KENDRICK LAMAR | full Official Chart History | Official Charts Company, Activists chant Kendrick Lamar's Alright during police harassment protest, rivolte nell'Africa Settentrionale e in Medio Oriente, attentato alle Torri Gemelle dell'11 settembre 2001, attentati che distrussero il World Trade Center, Giubileo universale della Chiesa cattolica, Presidente eletto degli Stati Uniti d'America, Attentato di Barcellona del 17 agosto 2017, Referendum costituzionale della Catalogna, film che ha incassato di più nella storia del cinema, Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte - Parte 1, Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte - Parte 2, NYTimes - In Hollywood, a Decade of Hits Is No Longer Enough,, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, La seconda metà degli anni 10 vede il passaggio da una politica mondiale aperta e di impronta liberal tipica dell', Il successo del genere di origine latino americana. 26 by Karaoke Pro Band on Deezer. They don't just write love songs all the time like any other band or singer nowadays would. For starters, you can relate. She and Björn were married in July 1971. The first album I ever bought was hybrid theory and to this day it is still recognized as one of the best albums ever made. The Pacific (TV Mini-Series 2010) Annie Parisse as Sgt. ACDC's official site. They represent everything music should be. Listen to these songs and you'll know what I'm talking about 1. American idiot 8. Linkin Park is probably the only surging band from the new metal era who are still just as famous as they we're when they debut hybrid theory in 2000. They have some of the most iconic of that decade and even though they are pop like today, even the new can be really good. Dave Grohl, the nicest guy on earth and ex-drummer of Nirvana. Vorshay’s is the place to be Saturday! Ever since their inception, they've been constantly evolving. The annual UK music charts for the 100 most popular singles in the decade starting in 2010. The vibe with Is This It is uplifting and gratifying; tracks like "Hard To Explain", "Someday", "Barely Legal", "Last Nite" and "The Modern Age" all make you either dance, reminisce or at least smile. Personally, I wish they would start creating music like Take off your pants and jacket again. Matthew Bellamy is talented beyond belief in his songwriting, guitar, vocal, and piano skills. Popular Song Lyrics. Jones recorded primarily for Brunswick from 1924 - 1931, then switched to Victor with a largely enhanced Band, and hotter arrangements. Can't believe they're this low down (24 at the time of this comment). Alex Turner has been considered a musical genius by many musicians throughout his career. If you've never listened to them, I can't urge you enough to give them a listen. Genius talent isn't reognised in this list Foo Fighters RHCP, RATM and Nirvana should all be top 10 if this list was serious. What other band do you know of has a discography that you can play in its entirety and feel like the music is completely different for every album. Great Bass. There is not one filler song on Stadium Arcadium album, how is this not in the top ten? McNair Junior Band - Rosie's Ray @ Jackson Elementary School, Portland (April 23rd, 2010) They became a gateway for me to learn more music. To cut right to the chase, Rise Against is going down in history. But they suffer from the same problem My Chemical Romance and TDG have.Red Hot Chili Peppers are awesome, but they lack some diversity. Listen to Sparks, Shiver, Green Eyes, Politik, Low... Do I have to say more? Si abbandona il rap tradizionale, trovando unioni più commerciali che vedono prevalere musica pop ed EDM, formando generi come il pop rap e l'hip house. The white stripes defined the 2000s and came out with countless rock anthems like Seven Nation Army, Fell in Love With a Girl, and Icky Thump. Three Days Grace has always to me very hard to put into one genre. That's great for some people, but the lack of diversity leads them to only appeal to a certain group.Three Days Grace has a similar problem.I have a hard time making any argument against the White Stripes. Lyrically they outclass all other bands in the 2000's and they should be at the top of the list in my opinion. Gli anni 90 iniziano con una lotta serrata fra heavy metal che e hard rock, Metallica contro Guns N’Roses, i fans si dividono, ma si uniscono con queste due grandi band, una serata puó finire a bottigliate o ad abbracci, questo è il confronto e il legame consolidato fra rock duro e rock romantico. Jack white is a rare breed of musician who shows absolutely no sign of selling out any time soon. You guys scream and rock the concerts! Drums (2006-2010, 2014-2017) Big Ricchard: Bass, Vocals (backing) (2008-2014) See also: Hammer: Carlo el Charlo: Drums (2010-2014) See also: Chronic Hangover, Engrown, The Reptilian Session, Underball, ex-HI-GH (live) Blink 182 is by far the best band of the 2000's. Hatchet 4. Love you guys; keep making rocking music. 1. Spread the word. Ben più che nel decennio precedente vi è una notevole presenza e riscontro di pubblico di film, Iniziano a essere sempre più presenti le persone che grazie al sito, Le maggiori Multinazionali del settore informatico, principalmente. Really? Ben's voice is just INCREDIBLE! They write about so much more. My first exposure to the Foo Fighters came in 2011 with Rope and the Wasting Light album. Now they're one of the pitifully few good bands in the modern music world and deserves more attention! Hey there! Nickelback at number 4 is ridiculous they are the worst band I could ever think of. Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. Switchblade 6. Directed by Susanna White. Prince Polo split up in October 2011 and re-formed in early 2014. 6 Followers. Wouldn't even be here if it weren't for the white stripes. The lyrical content is also phenomenal. This has to be the most diverse group of individuals to ever form a band. Linkin park & green day are my favorite bands but paramore is my heart's favorite. This band literally can do everything. His lyrics often have such a thorough meaning metaphorically and literally. To put them bellow Linkin Park or 30 Seconds to Mars (a band I never had much interest in) kind of bothers me. Vendite, streaming digitali, impatto sui social network e spettatori ai concerti. Nel 2016 esce il primo spin-off della saga. The Official Site of Annie Moses Band, America's premier classical-crossover string & vocal band. Top Lyrics of 2011. Sweet band performs at Apolo on February 19, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain. Land Majestic 8. Find Tour Dates, Album News, and Follow the Band as they perform across the country right here! Songs like seven nation army, blue orchid, we're going to be friends, icky thump, and fell in love with a girl are among the best rock songs of the past decade period. The bands members all changed in the time between 2010 to 2014, with the exception of Ben Burnley (Vocals). Linkin Park will started this century off with amazing music! Dom is pretty awesome on the drums. Matt is indeed much better than I have expected. Members are very versatile, lyrics are incredible, and the music is awesome. Many of the bands higher up the list where better in the 90's in my opinion and I believe that in the 2000's they did not touch the Arctic Monkey's at all. I'm not saying blink should be topping the chart here but the fact they aren't in it at all is disheartening. Jack white is one of the few remaining artists who are exempt from that stereotype and anyone who believes music is dead should pick up a White Stripes album or a Dead Weather or Raconteurs album and lose themselves in the sound of music that is made to be just that. Awfully sad about Chi this year (One love for Chi).Keep Rocking guys. Ann Lennox OBE (born 25 December 1954) is a Scottish singer-songwriter, political activist and philanthropist. Every one of their albums are different, creative, and progressive. The only ones who are still extremely successful any ways. To change the world for the better, one step at a time. Murcia. Top Lyrics of 2009. And they will never be legendary. This will be the new genre and new hit band to rock the new decade and millennium to come! " 1 – Intergalactic Touring Band, Annie Haslam: Reaching Out Producer – Marty Scott, Stephan Galfas Written-By – Will Malone* 4:16: Notes Came in a generic 3½" 'Amr' (Air Mail Archive) branded papersleeve, with a cover insert with lyrics on the back. I just adore these guys. Why is it so low on the list? I was familiar with all of their hits and most of the other songs, my friend only knew a few like Rope and The Pretender (which are absolutely awesome anyways). One of the best bands nowadays out there along with radiohead, foo fighters, muse, arctic monkeys, jack white, queens of the stone age, strokes and tame impala. Like right now. I wouldn't be here today, and when I meet them, I will tell them how much they changed my life for the better and made me a better person and I wanna thank them for saving my life. My Chemical Romance wouldn't even sound the way they do without these guys! Shredding guitar lines, catchy base riffs, beautiful piano parts and pulsing drum beats make this band the best in the world right now. Like seriously. Just an absolute masterpiece of a band. Something about it was great. I have not been this excited about a band since The Beatles. Newton then began to write for the band and they began to master tracks like Leaving, Romany Refrain and Saga Of The Sad Jester in rehearsals. Vote System of a Down to the top.- N.A.P. I learned the entire album by heart. D'altra parte certi produttori lavorando con diversi rapper creano la musica trap, che vede forti influenze di musica elettronica e varie influenze pop. This band is just awesome, so awesome I feel like it's my duty to tell every1 they're. Please. The music doesn't fit a specific genre and their sound is one of a kind. Iron Annie Line Flight Control Reference 5144-2 Movement Quartz Caliber Ronda 6203.B Case Material Stainless steel, PVD Gun Metal Diameter 42 mm Thickness 12 mm. In Russia era popolarissimo per la sua lunga militanza nei Boney M, il … Anne Lilia Berge "Annie" Strand (born 21 November 1977) is a Norwegian singer-songwriter, DJ and record producer. Their real life stories are the most inspiring of all. Seeing them at Reading this year was, without doubt, the greatest day of my life.The only reason they aren't higher is because their sound is not as commercial as other bands on the list, leading them to not chart as high. Which are the Pink Floyd of our era. Even after Adam's leave I'm not disappointed. They are beautiful! All of their music is either hard rock or funk rock, with little deviation.Muse is awesome, but their ...more. A song for the dead finale to the encore lasted 10 minutes with several face-melting solos. They aren't the most well known, but damn are they incredible. 20 Tracks. Nanny McPhee Returns (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Also, hate to say it, but Three Days Grace=Nickelback but whinier. I was instantly drawn to their music and it happened for no real reason, it just connected me. I said tough because my chemical romance vs radiohead to put in second. Pop, rock y soul todo en su justa medida. I like linkin park and green day both but green day is far better. The riffs and solos are great. In questo decennio si vede prevalere un'altissima concentrazione di produzioni di genere thriller, d'azione ed horror, molto spesso dilazionate in saghe e trilogie. Rise Against delivers a sound that is always new and you won't know what expect except for the fact that it will please you. I mean, have you heard the bassline to Hysteria? Lena Basilone -. 1 articolo pubblicato da elvistributeband durante December 2010. They have a style all of their own, and are not afraid to play as their souls desire. They can play these unbelievable guitar riffs that are unlike anything you have ever heard. Texan Plains 7. My personal favorite for many reasons. "Pressure" and "Misery Business" shook the punk rock world for me. What's more, they didn't follow conventional ways to make music (I think).What I'm about to say is something that all band on this list did and maybe they still do, though not as good as My Chemical Romance. webzine musicale, contiene recensioni, streaming, monografie, interviste, classifiche, live report, video, libri, approfondimenti e podcast radiofonici And thryve written the best ballet I've ever heard: Hero of war. They were the EMO kids at class but look at them all now...They won't be called the saviour of the broken for nothing, I'm an avid fan of any genre of rock songs, be it old or new, fast or slow, but My Chemical Romance songs has something other songs don't have. Sandstorm 5. Features Song Lyrics for The Glitter Band's Il miglior pop internazionale degli anni '50, '60, e '70 - Top 100 album. Dominic Howard is also an incredible drummer, and manages to keep tempo perfectly throughout every song as well as give some kick-ass support to the band with his exceptional speed. Songs that are legendary wedding staples and songs that epitomize specific subjects such as … Bands like the black keys, the strokes, etc. Simply put, Coldplay is one of the best Alternative Rock bands that has ever existed. MOST IMPORTANTLY, They have the best chance of knocking Linkin Park out of the top spot so then I won't have to kill myself.Muse, Foo Fighters, and My Chemical Romance are the best True Rock Bands of the decade.I love bands Like Disturbed and System of A Down but they fall better into a "Metal" type of category.I also Love bands like Coldplay, Radiohead, and The Shins but they fall into an alternative "Soft" Rock type of genre.The White Stripes, The Strokes, and Franz Ferdinand are badass but they don't really fit the Rock mold either.Bottom Line: This list is too vague and Linkin Park should retire before The earth throws itself into the sun just so it doesn't have to here it anymore.Oh and ...more. I, at one point in my life, made fun of them. VOTE. Although I have got 3cds of linkin park and none of green day but still I like green day more. They give me all the feels man and If you don't think so then I'm truly sorry for your loss. Coldplay is by far in the top three bands of the 2000s alongside Radiohead and Green Day. I love slipknot! The first decade of the new millennium proved to be a fruitful time for great progressive rock. Wednesday, 15 September 2010. I began to truly love them when they released The Colour and the Shape. La redazione di radio Conclas sceglie per il pubblico una lista di brani più famosi e importanti della musica anni 2000. One of the most successful bands of all time at 21? If more people got the chance to hear them, they'd love them too. Bring them higher or else the rock gods won't be pleased, I feel so horrible now, I ended up voting for My chemical Romance instead of Rise Against. Come on, people, This band is really worth being the best! Like forever. Yes, Linkin Park is good, but not that good. They are glorious and timeless rock music. Bandi scaduti. Muse is the best band in the world today. Oh my lord! I have been laughing my ass out watching this list. None of those awards matter. AdP 2010 - 2015 Asse 1 "Competitività delle imprese". Also Muse is great but not number 2. Linkin Park has one major goal. Dressed in black and greeted by Barry and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, former ABBA members Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Benny Andersson took their 2010 induction into the … 2010 Genre: Rock. Songs were featured on major motion pictures for years. 2010, 2012). VA: PROGRESSIVE ITALIA GLI ANNI '70 released PROGRESSIVE ITALIA GLI ANNI '70 VOL. I've been involved with Foo fighters ever since they started, I picked up their first album and I was incredibly amazed by it. Apart from being one of the most consistently brilliant bands that epic songs, the meaning in each of their songs about life, society and the way they world works makes them undoubtedly one of the best rock bands of the 21st century, and definitely not 12th. - Annie B. on AllMusic - 2007 They don't conform to what is popular at the time, instead they just pump out their own unique punk/rock/groove beats that is different too all else!RHCP are a true testament for lasting the ages. Anni Duemila, Anni Zero, Noughties: neanche sul nome si riesce a raggiungere una linea comune.Nella babele di questo decennio, che senso puó avere una classifica dei dischi "migliori"? Good riddance 9. Without a doubt, my favourite band of the 2000s. They have such cheerful, rocking and meaningful songs. Also very few bands can say that they have had a musical made of their album. Live performances are enthralling and all corey, mick, jim, shawn and joey make a magnetic team... Tom Delonge's unique voice and lyrical ablity along with Mark Hoppus' colorful lyrics and his ability to show his fun personality through his songs just makes this band stand above all the rest. Tutti di origini armene, porteranno un Alternative Metal unico nel suo genere, ricco di influenze di ogni tipo, dal Thrash Metal anni ‘80 al Jazz alla musica tradizionale armena. I love these guys so much! Listen to Jonny's riffs! When you think about it do they sound anything like Korn or Limp Bizkit? Avenged Sevenfold should at least be number 2. Dave Matthews Band 100. Thanks for dropping by ELVIS TRIBUTE R'N'R BAND! And as far as the millennium is concerned, Radiohead should be number 1 according to me. Go back and listen to their first two albums and tell me they are not at least top 10. Keep making more albums Corey! Awesome band, definitely deserving to be above all of the above bands. I don't know how I could live without their music. After achieving moderate success in the late 1970s as part of the new wave band The Tourists , she and fellow musician Dave Stewart went on to achieve international success in the 1980s as Eurythmics . Breaking Benjamin not only produces an AMAZING sound from their music, but they also have meanings that can touch a multitude of people. Definitaly beats all of these bands. The Foo Fighters connected generations and it's amazing, no other band in my opinion can do that. These songs are amazing! 539 likes. The self titled album showed a lot of the same abilities from City of Evil and somehow managed to duplicate City of Evil's greatness. Okay maybe some on 99 but you get the point. -. Sure they can play but what do they bring to the table other than cliches and predictable power chords. Follows Andy, who needs to hook up with a hottie, pronto, because he hasn't had sex in... well, forever - and his luck isn't the only thing that's hard. I love them and will always love them. ... Anni Daulter 2010 Paperback" document. McNair Choir - Come And Find The Quiet Centre @ Jackson Elementary School, Portland (April 23rd, 2010) 2. Watch their interviews, you'll know how humble and down to earth they are... You might hate it now, then you'll back at them! This awesome band should be also in 10. HammerFall is a heavy/power metal band from Sweden, formed in 1993 by Oscar Dronjak and Jesper Strömblad, then members of Ceremonial Oath.… Soilwork 528,010 listeners I personally think Green Day is the best, however I would put U2 in the top 5 and voted for it simply because I can not understand how it is this low. If you havnt heard there music I recommend checking them out it might change your life and outlook on real artful music. The only reason they're lagging being is because some other bands are more popular for some godly reason. Alex Turner is a genius and their albums while all very different stylistically, maintain a level of class unseen by many other bands. , All The Small Things, Anthem Pt. If you want something creative and meaningful, listen to Deftones! Heavy Meadow by Anni Rossi, released 07 September 2010 1. They are one of the 3 bands that I really like a the moment, one of the others is Disturbed. Thank U 4 Taking Me 2 the Disco + I'd Like 2 Go Home Now. When I come around. sorry for my English and my emotions). Genere: Rock Alternativo Membri : Alessio Panetti - Basso Pierluigi Madonna - Batteria. Though I love My Chemical Romance, I think R. A is like waaayyy better and their songs are much more uplifting than My Chemical Romance :( Woops.If you don't vote for R. A, you either haven't heard their music, haven't read their lyrics or you didn't pay attention while listening They're an amazing band with amazing lyrics vocals everything. This page contains detailed performer credits and artist credits (line-up and band members), songs and tracks list, reviews, information and album cover graphic picture or DVD cover graphic or picture. It's impressive especially since there are rarely any bands that make real intelligent songs today. I miei 30 anni, Livorno (Livorno, Italy). Its not exactly metal, but more Alternative Rock (not that they have a set genre) and that's what makes it so perfect. Are kidding me? Band was formed through the collective experience of a group of individual artists coming together for the common purpose of bringing energy to every event by providing great renditions of both current popular hits as well as some timeless classics! Grannie - Grannie (1971 uk, great heavy psych prog rock, 2010 edition) What became Grannie formed around guitarist Phil Newton in 1968/69 and was initially a cover band playing gigs around East London. Image of gorgeous, face, energy - 29728809 To my mind, perfect song can be called such when: lyrics mean SOMETHING not just set of words, melody is unique and can be easily recognized from the first seconds, vocalist is able to express all the emotions, and finally, each instrument complements the other in order to create a coherent sound and you don't even think that it would be better if there was one more rhythm guitar or whatever. A few are legit but not heavy hitters. New York City Cops, "Take It Or Leave It" and "Alone, Together" are perfect tunes to rock out with, while a special mention goes to "Trying Your Luck" as the song slows everything down after so much energy and brings out a more softer, sensitive side to their ...more, Rise Against placed 12th! Surly Radiohead should be at the top of this list. Coldplay are good as well although their new album Mylo Xyloto sounds pop to me. See you around! La band nasce nel ‘94 con Serj Tankian alla voce, Daron Malakian alla chitarra, Shavo Odadjian al basso e John Dolmayan alla batteria. Deftones are awesome. They r so cool. System of a Down is one of the most lyrically eclectic bands of this generation. The mark of a great band is how many people can manage to copy their sound. Ugh. So therefore, some limits do need to be placed. They always try new sounds and with every album they prove that they can handle many genres. Since the day I listened to My Chemical Romance, songs that used to amaze me before began to sound like, uh, just normal to me. This band is the last rock band to actually kick ass and stick it to the government. We start at 730 and hope to see you there! My favorite album as of so far is definitely Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace, with Wasting Light close behind. In my opinion one of the greatest bands of the past 20 years. Dave Grohl drumming plus Homme equals genius. My Morning Jacket. They started during the year 2000, and until now they are still performing and making music. Every song there intertwine with each other so well; from "Is This It" to "Take It Or Leave It", The Strokes has a sound which is consistent yet different with every song. Alex turner is a musical genius and just their sound is brilliant. They are true rockstars with their careless attitudes yet stunning live performances. Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge make the perfect vocal pair for over-all skating music and create catchy music overnight. SICK guitar solos and riffs. Their guitarists are AMAZING. Pezzali, rimasto solo. They've got it.Me and a friend of mine were at a festival last year, and the Foo Fighters were the main act on the last day. Tako, da jih zelo priporočamo. Frida was of Norwegian origin, but … QOTSA they are one of the most creative and original bands out there. The catchy lead guitar, played over the constant down strokes of the rhythmic guitar, supported by the delicate rhythm section is such an addictive sound. I'm a huge My Chemical Romance fan but blink is genius for modern pop-punk along with Green Day that is. Photo about BARCELONA, SPAIN - FEB 19: Anni B. Easily one of the most creative bands of the last decade. Chris W. is an incredible bassist, and proof of that lies in songs like Supermassive Black Hole and Hysteria, and provides exceptional vocal support to Matt. Rated R and Songs for the Deaf are some of the best rock albums of the past two decades, and they've released some of the most badass rock singles of all time Like No One Knows, Make it Wit Chu, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, need I go on? I just personally feel that Green Day deserves a more respectable fan basis. All of the bands on this list have had their share of great albums and songs that will be remembered for years to come. Maynard's vocals are outstanding. And guess what? Ok. The everlasting impact they have made on the world of rock is infinitely greater than My Chemical Romance or Arctic Monkeys. The band members themselves have such special hearts. A while later I got into their earlier songs and was stunned by how good they were, and then I learned about Grohl's connections with Nirvana, and I fell in love. Il simbolo indica il link ad un sito esterno da dove è possibile ascoltare, se disponibile, il brano (possibilmente in versione originale). Three Days Grace should be in at least the top 5! If you think System of a Down is only known as those guys that made Chop Suey, listen to B.Y.O.B, Toxicity, Aerials, Holy Mountains, ATWA. I understand that their music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there is no denying the genius Tom Yorke and company have continuously displayed throughout the years. It really hurts to see bands such as linkin park at the top of the list when there is Radiohead. Arcade Fire is the band that defined the sound of this decade, just like Nirvana did in the 90s. Every album is different but they are all so amazing this is my number 1. Their quality in the 2000's is nothing like their music in the 90's. Here we go:My Chemical Romance only know how to make a good song that's fast and loud. Why is this down at number 17? Man, this band is just amazing. Just great, great music, Holy jesus. Still think they sucks? All through the last decade, you’d find a lot of people insisting that the album was dead, a victim of the MP3, the iPod and a la carte downloading. From their fast-paced, immediately recognizable first album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not," to their bold and memorable rhythms in their latest release, "AM," the Arctic Monkeys not only know how to constantly evolve their sound, they do it while sustaining the fantastic instrumentation and catchy lyrics that got them on the scene in the first place. The Ex-Members included Chad Szeliga (Drums), Aaron Fink (Guitar) and Mark Klepaspi (Bass).

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