March 21, 2020 4:00 a.m. PT. If you don't clear the history, no matter how many times you've streamed, it still counted as ONE VIEW!! Now that I've got a job and a bit of money to spend, I 100% believe that Apple Music is the best streaming platform for kpop. After clearing the history, open the YouTube tab and search Blood Sweat Tears MV again and then you can watch it. :black_medium_small_square: Log in to like and comment but make sure to LOG OUT while streaming. Stream on A MAXIMUM OF TWO DEVICES connected to the same wi-fi source as YouTube also track the IP addresses to verify streams. This article was written by Darlene Antonelli, MA. How to. Streaming generates visibility which gather free press coverage. V said that they really wish they can get a Daesung at the end of the year and they deserve it. Tech Specialist. DO NOT refresh the page. Your browser doesn’t cache entire videos, no matter how many times you refresh the page you have to contact YouTube for the video and buffer it regardless. This one also doesn’t do anything. Key Requirements: • Must perform on day of broadcast Maximum 10,000 points total • Scoring is relative, so the eligible song with the highest score in each category will receive the maximum number of points in that category 40% Digital – maximum 4,000 points 10% Physical Album Sales – maximum 1,000 points 20% Video – maximum 2,000 points • YouTube music video views 15% Expert Score – maximum 1,500 points 5% Pre-Vote … A cookie is something a website gives your browser so it can remember who you are. Find Live Streams on YouTube. They only know what they’re feeding into the algorithm and how well its performing. It might also refer to your YouTube watch history. Live, from South Korea — it's the K-Pop World Festival 2017, the globe's biggest event dedicated to Korean pop music. Keep yourself logged in. This statistic reports on which regions and countries contributed the most Youtube views for Kpop groups in 2019. Before we go over them, let’s first get familiar with your biggest enemy in supporting your unnies and oppas. Again, IP addresses are not used as the definitive way to stop counting views, but it’s a common factor in every site. When you want to create a live stream on YouTube, you have a few options. The next time you do something on that website your browser will send back the same cookie to let it know who you are. Tabs: This will never ever work, tabs on the same browser use the same session (cookies) so you will just be trying to watch multiple videos on the same account and they will almost not be counted at the same time.Browsers: This doesn’t work for the same reason clearing cookies doesn’t work. The cache is how your browser remembers some things they receive from websites you visit that change rarely like pictures so it can show them to you instantly the next time you ask for it. Otherwise, copy the stream URL from YouTube and paste it in to your encoder's Stream settings server. Streaming sites have a vested interested in protecting their platform against abuse. Intro To Live Streaming on YouTube. Next, connect your stream to your encoder, then go live. Hey guys, I'm a Chinese Army and I'm currently helping out with streaming YouTube music videos. Nov 12, ... For the purpose of this guide, let’s primarily focus on streaming music videos on Youtube. * Make sure the video's quality is over 480p, otherwise is doesn't count as ONE EFFICIENT VIEWING. TLDR: Just watch videos the way you normally do. BTS's first performance stage is tomorrow's MCD comeback stage (followed by a few more other music TV shows) and all we can do is to stream their music videos on YouTube in order to win the champion in those TV show. But if you’re only streaming normally you might be making things worse by not connecting from your usual IP address, it’s hard to tell. Companies like YouTube that make money off streaming are good at detecting things like duplicate views and other abuse, it’s not worth it to try to get an extra view or two in there and risk not getting your real views counted. I want to contribute to the community but I'm shy and can't record myself. DO NOT click on suggested videos. Hey guys, I'm a Chinese Army and I'm currently helping out with streaming YouTube music videos. This is certainly a criteria when you’re watching youtube videos as well. It’s what you’ll be referred to and what you’ll tell people when they ask about your channel, so pick something you really like. You can feature your live stream as the channel trailer for Unsubscribed users. So let's work hard for their wish!! It’s possible to figure out if they’re even being sent back to youtube as data in the first place. Definitely don’t do this, your logged in Google account is like an ID card for anything you do that’s Google related. About This Article. The first step is to set up the channel. Welcome to K-POP STREAM ONLINE Official Youtube Channel.Manager: France Laz & IMO kpop fans should just stop supporting youtube. If your channel is enabled for monetization, YouTube will trigger ads to serve on your content, if eligible.Ad serving is not guaranteed and some viewers may not see an ad. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. BTS's first performance stage is tomorrow's MCD comeback stage (followed by a few more other music TV shows) and all we can do is to stream their music videos on YouTube in order to win the … So I think it would be good to point it out in this community and hopefully everyone can contribute to the total views of their music videos. Live Stream YouTube on an Xbox One. But if they’re a part of the secret recipe, we have no way of knowing how much they contribute and what the best thing to do is. These kinds of misleading “streaming guide” posts just give people anxiety about whether they’re doing the right thing or not. For example, you can be streaming from Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox simultaneously. DO NOT pause, skip, or touch the music video in any way. watch youtube videos via * Always make sure the YouTube page volume is over 50%, also your own device is not in silent mode, otherwise it doesn't even count as ONE VIEW on this video. This Alternative Search Engine Is Basically Google Without the Privacy Headaches, How to Survive the Next Era of Tech (Slow Down and Be Mindful). If you’ve been a kpop fan for a while, there is probably a group that has a special place in your heart, that one you really want to see succeed. 5 tips for YouTube TV to flip live streaming channels like a pro. They usually come with some restrictions. Open me! There are a lot of Chinese and Korean Army donate money and spending time on streaming their music videos all because they love BTS and want to support them. After you have signed in for one particular hour, log out and continue watching. You’re still watching the same videos through the same IP.Devices: Your devices connected to the same WiFi share the same IP address so is also unlikely to work. I'm looking for ideas for kpop videos that I can post on youtube. I came up with my username ‘seokve’ because ‘seok’ is used in a lot of my favorite idols’ names, like Seokjin, Hoseok, Minseok, Seokmin, etc. Otherwise, it doesn't even count as ONE VIEW. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. For example, if you notice a decline in live chat messages, you can ask your viewers a question or move to the next topic. YouTube’s live streaming support has gotten much better and is now a solid competitor to Twitch. The thing that perpetuates these myths about “streaming properly” is that no one person can tell if what they’re doing is increasing view counts so fans keep spreading them around without understanding what they mean. Feel free to shared my thoughts and spread it out to more Armys if you can. Let’s break down common advices and misconceptions found on posts like these. One of the metrics that measures your favorite artists’ success is the amount of streams/views their songs get on sites like YouTube, Spotify, and some other Korean sites. If you’re an aspiring content creator with an audience on YouTube, you might want to live stream on a platform where you’re already established instead of splitting your viewer base. This might be referring to the browser history you delete after you’re done doing scientific research. It’s basically impossible to cheat the system when you don’t even know what the rules are and can’t tell if anything you’re doing is working. Stream now lets you create a live stream in a few easy steps. Live streams can be eligible for: Pre-roll ads run before the live stream, viewable on mobile and a computer. Okay, the truth is, nobody outside of YouTube knows for sure how YouTube counts views. People can guess, but there's no way to verify if they're actually effective. A Guide to Streaming Kpop Songs and MVs by a Bot Developer. Viewers will be able to stream the concert live via Kocca’s official YouTube channel or SBS Media's The K-Pop channel from 6pm (local time) on the respective dates. The username is really important. Doing this will more than likely harm the chances of your real views going through the system as you get flagged for suspicious activity. If you are wondering which regions and countries contributed the most Youtube views for Kpop groups last year, check this out. :black_medium_small_square: Volume does NOT affect the views. South Korean broadcaster KBS will live-stream … I added ‘ve’ becaus… If you try going on some websites that use it in incognito mode where you’re not logged in you’re going to be significantly more likely to get an annoying captcha than if you’re logged in with an old account. YouTube (and Google in general) is also significantly more skeptical about your views when you’re not logged in, so don’t do that. Other things you can do would be sharing your excitement with other people, get other real people to listen to your favorite groups as well. Let it stream from the beginning until the very end. Armys, we need to work harder on streaming Blood Sweat Tears music video for BTS!! This may say RTMP server. This one probably either helps or makes things worse. Apparently you need to wait around 10 minutes before you watch the same video again, so in between you could click on other BTS mvs or any other random videos (I remember this was tiring for me because I ran out of ideas regarding what to watch!) Once you finish this, you’ll be a lot more motivated and excited to start posting. Guide: Youtube Views • Stream SHINee’s Music Video on the official SMTOWN YouTube Channel • Stream in 720p or above • Like, comment on, and share the … Can Silicon Valley Workers Rein in Big Tech From Within? Quick will create a Hangout On Air with all the standard Hangout On Air features, including quick-start streaming right from your laptop. * DO NOT skip the ads or fast forward or skip parts, watch the WHOLE VIDEO please! Enable live streaming. 1. For the purpose of this guide, let’s primarily focus on streaming music videos on Youtube. To live stream, you need to have no live streaming restrictions in the past 90 days and you need to verify your channel. Your browser history is inaccessible to websites you visit so that one is irrelevant, resetting it will change nothing. Thanks to your good friend machine learning, figuring out whether these tweaks are effective or not is near impossible. or better yet just stream from other platforms like Because of the absolutely mind boggling hours of content being watched on YouTube every day, Google cannot moderate or verify legitimacy of the views on its platform using regular methods and has to turn to machine learning and its closely related cousins to solve this problem for them. * DO NOT refresh your music video page straight after you finished one viewing and watch it again, cuz it only counts as ONE VIEW. Use one browser, stay logged in and watch or listen to anything you want like an actual human. If you aren’t into the business field, you will not know that press coverage, tv coverage, articles are expensive. You don’t really owe anything to groups you like either, just stream at your own convenience your support is good enough. The restriction may be that the song is blocked in certain countries or that the owner may place ads on your video to monetize the use of the music. *THEY NEVER LET US DOWN, THEN WE SHOULD NOT LET THEM DOWN!*. This is the probably the biggest hurdle for you, a loyal fan who wants to support their favorite group by streaming multiple songs at a time will face. Subscribed users will see a maximum of 3 live events appear in the "What to Watch Next" area above the fold. It’s safe to say that we don’t (and can’t) know what helps views get counted. It is really hard to make one efficient viewing. Guys, I know it's really tiring and boring to repeat this kind of stuff again and again.. but this is all for BTS! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡ it's comeback season and we must do our best! Events lets you choose between Quick and Custom. But of course there is always which takes care of the PRO’s … Sam ilianto June 18, 2017 Platforms other than YouTube like Spotify are also known for using machine learning extensively and they almost certainly use it for the same purposes as YouTube so the same thing applies there too. In your encoder stream settings, if you see the option to stream to YouTube, select that. Buy merch, purchase albums, go to concerts, but don’t waste your time thinking about how you’re streaming. Unfortunately, if you’re not a bot with instant access to thousands of IP addresses and an ability to simultaneously stream hundreds of videos through different accounts, you just don’t stand a chance against abuse protection. Best Kpop YouTube Channels List. If you’re trying to stream in multiple different machines connected to a VPN, you’d also need separate google accounts that haven’t just recently been created to start getting real views in (everything about your account is likely a factor to how legitimate your views are). Recently on Theqoo, a Knetz has uploaded a compilation of the statistics on the contribution of […] In the past I used Spotify for streaming just because it was free and easy to use on both PC and mobile. Real-time analytics. The live stream dashboard allows you to keep an eye on how viewers are responding during your live stream so you can quickly make adjustments. Ppl are saying you need to have 50% of the volume up which is completely bullshit. YouTube total views takes a great part in calculating Korean groups final result on the end of the year music awards and we really need to make sure every viewing is efficient and can be recognised by YouTube system. DO NOT skip ads. Should you be trusting what people tell you on on these streaming infographics? You can look at your metrics during and after your live stream. Live streaming lets you engage with your audience in real time with a video feed, chat, and more. Darlene Antonelli is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. Even though it might sound scary, every commercial website logs and tracks your IP address which doesn’t change when you clear cookies. Armys, we need to work harder on streaming Blood Sweat Tears music video for BTS!! From the top right, click Create Go live. Xetera. Advertisement. It has a significant impact on those Korean music awards. Sign in to your Youtube account to stream once every hour. plz telll me how to stream a song correctly, hi guys could you plz clarify whether to clear watch history or not, Hi guys i really appreciate you for this article i am trying my maximum to spread it ever where please you guys also spread it every where whatsapp groups vlive instogram twitter facebook where ever, This is a Community where everyone can express their love for the Kpop group BTS. IPs are not as reliable as cookies when it comes to tracking but overall, YouTube has a pretty good idea on what you’ve watched even after you clear cookies. So all these tips are either complete guesses or speculation. Just make sure to not mute youtube though. It's in YouTube's interest to only count views that are high quality (read: from actual users and not bots or some person that's been streaming the video nonstop). Clearing cookies will cause most websites to log you out as the cookies contain your information but it doesn’t necessarily cause them to forget about you. DO NOT replay the video. Here are some tips and essential points summarised by Chinese Army fandom and Korean Army fandom. Unfortunately, most Armys don't really know how to make efficient viewings and usually they streamed a lot however the total views didn't go up. The YouTube Commercial Music Policies section contains many current and popular songs that users have shown an interest in using. And as for armys who can easily access to YouTube(YouTube is blocked is china and fans need to use a special app to access to it, it's very hard), the only thing we can do is to contribute as much as we can to the viewings of their music videos. Ads on live streams. Keep up with videos about Kpop music, Kpop songs, Kpop stars, Kpop dance, Kpop fans, Korean music and many more. If we want to stream cover songs on YouTube Live, how will that be dealt with? Almost every video you genuinely watch is going to be counted towards the total. ; Mid-roll ads run during the live stream, can be manually inserted during computer streams. This means that the settings that are in place for determining what is and isn’t a view is decided by “the algorithm” and even the developers don’t know what’s being taken into account when deciding whether or not a view is legitimate. Besides the live stream concert, members of the k-pop group including Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose, will also be going live on its YouTube channel for personally introducing 'The Show' to fans. Media Companies Take a Big Gamble on Apple, Apple ‘App Clips’ Are Its Secret On-Ramp to 5G, How to Set Up an Apple Watch for Someone Who Doesn’t Have an iPhone. * DO NOT put this video is playlists or repeat it straight after one viewing, cuz it still counted as ONE VIEW. Go to YouTube. If you’ve also been a part of kpop communities on Twitter, Discord or other social media, you’ve no doubt heard of different tricks other passionate fans like yourself are using to make sure they get multiple views in. Therefore if you have a laptop and a tablet connected to the same wi-fi, you can stream without having issues. Not only that, but the importance of all these and how heavily they’re being weighed is constantly changing. this site does not give youtube any of your views. ReCaptcha v2, that checkbox you click to prove you’re human, heavily relies on your Google account to prove that you’re human. Matt Elliott. Deleting videos from your YouTube watch history doesn’t delete it from YouTube’s database and they can still look up what you’ve watched, this also changes nothing. Master CNET's favorite service for cord cutters with a few simple tricks. These generally start resurfacing right as groups are about to have a comeback and they tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to make sure YouTube counts your views. You’re a human, congratulations! * After each viewing, please please please CLEAR YOUR WATCHING HISTORY!! Keep streaming even when the views are freezed. This is one of the ways browsers track you. Written by: Darlene Antonelli, MA. Make sure to search for the video each time.

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